Sunday, June 21, 2009


I read this acronym on Jackie Ashenden's blog and loved it, so I have stolen it, made it mine and it now lives on a post-it above my computer screen. Keep It Simple Stupid. It is right up there with my post-it that reads "Tension on EVERY page."

How hard do we make this for ourselves. I have been following Jackie's blog, Lucy Kings blog and several others and it seems that we all seem to be suffering from the same fate. Blackmail, intrigue, reality television shows, intricate plots and our heroes and heroines are left flailing trying to keep up. So I have decided to KISS.

The twins...gone. The reality TV the trash can. All the smokescreens I had erected are gone. I now have one hero (totally Alpha and totally tooooo sexy for words...although a few do spring to mind) and one heroine and a simple plot that they can twist and turn as suits their needs. Because, as it happens, that is who we are interested in, is it not. The hero and the heroine.And their journey.

PS: I did keep the trashed mansion though, and have thrown in a British bulldog for good measure. What can I say, old habits die hard.