Friday, August 21, 2009

RWA Conference and Lightbulb Moments

Sorry for my absence, but life has been busy, what with the upcoming release of "Under the Tree" and the RWA conference I have not had time to scratch myself. At one stage I was even considering not attending the conference (is that a gasp I hear from the crowd and a 'say it isnt so!). It was just that my writing buddies werent going, work is busy, the grass needs get the picture.

But wow!...I am so pleased that I attended. I had so many lightbulb moments that by the end of the conference I was lit up like a fluorescent tube. I attended the Friday workshop by Anne Gracie and Mary-Jo Putney and if anyone walked away uninspired they should be looking for another profession. Conflict...conflict and more conflict. Character archetypes. A bit more conflict. Brainstorming. It was all there. Anne Gracie also had a fabulous conflict chart that I have now applied to my new manuscript. Then on Sunday morning I attended Paula Roe's workshop on Get Organised...Get writing. Wow! As I am now part of the day to day work force this workshop was invaluable. She covered not only on how to organise you writing hours, but also how to organise your document.

And books. How many books can one buy before being charged excess baggage. At least 25 I have discovered. Books on the "Joys of writing sex" all the way down to Janet Evonavich's craft book. And too many Presents to mentions (which I even got signed by my favourite authors...the groupie that I was).

Anyway, if anyone wants any information, let me know as I will point you to the appropriate websites. And now that I am back with renewed vigour and purpose, it is off to my manuscript.