Saturday, July 17, 2010

So its been a while...

As the heading so eloquently puts it, I have been absent for a while, so the chances are very good that I am writing this blog to myself. Where have I been? All over. Working. Working. Playing. Working. Playing. You get the picture.

Have I been writing?

Yes, but because of my job and the fact that I have a tendency to volunteer for a gazillion committees means that my time is limited.

But I am writing and I am slowly getting there.

Current WIP...The Cerutelli Reversal of Fortune.

Sophie Eddington, heiress to the Eddington fortunes has made a promise to her dying father, to protect the family name by any means possible. Now that promise is coming to bear.

Family fortunes have turned and she needs money and she needs it quickly if she is to save the family's reputation and her brother's hide. How far is she prepared to go? Is she prepared to make a deal with the devil himself, Domenic Cerutelli in order to fulfill the promise she made to her father.

By any means possible. Words that you can rest assured, Domenic will make her regret.

Have you ever made a promise you regretted? If so, what did you do?